July 31, 2008

Silver Plated and Sterling Silver Photo Frames

We now have available the full range of nearly 500 photo frames from Carrs Silver of Sheffield and Broadway Silversmiths through our Bond Hilton Jewellers shop.

The collections include a wide variety of frames to suit photos in all popular sizes, including 6″ x 4″, 7″ x 5″, 8″ x 6″, 8″ x 8″ wedding photo frame and 10″ x 8″ - plus a whole range in between.

There are a wonderful range of styles available in both sterling silver photo frames and silver plated photo frames, from modern to period designs: Art Nouveau, Bead, Bead Chipendale, Bird and Mask, British Antique, Concave, Egg and Bead, Fluted, Gadroon, Louix XIV, Mounted, Plain, Plain Daisy, Reed and Ribbon, Rope, Rounded, Scroll, Shell and Weave patterns.

July 25, 2008

Cutlery Now Available from Bond Hilton Jewellers

A superb range of cutlery sets, individual items and ancilliary pieces are now available through our Bond Hilton Jewellers shop.

Including Carrs sterling silver, silver plated and stainless steel cutlery sets in the historic Bead, Dubarry, English Reed and Ribbon, English Thread, Grecian, Kings, Old English and Rattail designs.

Bead Cutlery
This charming French cutlery design is thought to represent a string or pearls. An elegant design which features beads bordering the teardrop shaped handles which have a raised two tier decorative centre. The design has rightly regained its former popularity over recent years, and remains an attractive addition to any dining table.

Dubarry Cutlery
A beautiful Victorian cutlery design thought to be based on the lines of the Thomas Chippendale furniture collections. A version of the classic Dubarry design was also used in the luxury dining sections on the White Star Line RMS Titanic. A historic design and a wonderful accompaniment to fine dining everywhere.

English Reed and Ribbon Cutlery
You’ll find the English Reed and Ribbon pattern a delicate and unashamedly feminine design, with its elegant reed border and charming ribbon detailing around the handles. An unusual design and a perfect flight of fancy with its fine lines, simple tear drop silhouette and ribbon motifs.

English Thread Cutlery
A simple elegant design with a single, delicate thread around the bordering the handle. English Thread cutlery is equally at home on any contemporary or traditional dining table, with it’s irresistible sleek lines and stylish teardrop handle shape making a fine accompaniment to today’s modern dining.

Grecian Cutlery
This classical design, inspired by historic Greek temples and columns combines an elegant simplicity with clean strong lines. Although based on historical architecture the Grecian design has its roots firmly in the 20th Century, designed during the Art Deco period, and still loved today.

Kings Cutlery
A flamboyant and traditional design is thought to have been introduced during the reign of King George IV. Dating from around 1818, the Kings cutlery design is still one of the most popular cutlery designs today. Kings cutlery patterns are heavily influenced by the ornamentation and decor from the Regency period.

Old English Cutlery
Dating from the 18th Century and introduced around 1750 this timeless classic design is as at home in today’s modern living as it was during the reign of King George II. The Old English pattern has stood the test of time for over two hundred and fifty years, and will make a perfect, understated accompaniment to your fine dining experience.

Rattail Cutlery
Enjoy wonderful fine dining with the oldest of the English cutlery designs, Rattail, which dates from around 1700 and is still popular today. This traditional design has evolved from its hand forging history, the central rat-tail rib that once provided extra strength and rigidity, has today been incorporated as a design feature.

Induvidual matching cutlery items available include:
Bread Knives, Butter Knives, Butter Spreaders, Cake Servers, Carving Forks, Carving Knives, Carving Steels, Cheese Knives, Coffee Spoons, Cranberry Spoons, Dessert Forks, Dessert Knives, Dessert Spoons, Fish Blades, Fish Forks, Fruit Forks, Fruit Serving Spoons, Pastry Forks, Salad Serving Claws, Salad Serving Spoons, Sauce Ladles, Serving Forks, Serving Spoons, Soup Ladles, Soup Spoons, Steak Knives, Table Forks, Table Knives, Table Spoons, Tea Knives and Tea Spoons.

July 18, 2008

Comitti Summer Sale - Save 20% on all Clocks and Barometers

The Comitti Summer Sale is now on, with savings of 20% off RRP of their wonderful ranges of Clocks and Barometers.

View the full ranges of Comitti Clocks on Bond Hilton Clocks.

Sale ends 31st August 2008.

Comitti Barometers Now Available

The wonderful range of Comitti Barometers are now available on Bond Hilton Jewellers.

The collection includes the finest aneroid, barograph, mercury and marine designs including the stunning Fitzroy Mercury Barometer which was introduced in 1860 by Admiral Fitzroy - the provider of the worlds first weather forecasting service and earlier Captain of the H.M.S. Beagle - of Charles Darwin fame.

New Look Bond Hilton Jewellers Website

We’ve just launched our new look, easy to use Bond Hilton Jewellers online shop, for our stunning collection of finest quality products including pocket watches, clocks, barometers, drinksware, tableware, gifts and more from leading manufacturers like, Broadway, Carrs, Comitti, Matthew Norman, Woodford, Rapport and David Peterson.

April 8, 2008

Mount Royal Authorised Stockists

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded Authorised Stockist status for Mount Royal, and will be stocking their stunning range of Mount Royal pocket watches including high quality quartz and 17 jewel mechanical watches.

The fantastic collection of pocket watches are available now, including open face, twin lid, half hunter, full hunter and skeleton designs.

April 1, 2008

Hermle Clocks Now Available

We now have the wonderful, world renowned range of Hermle Clocks available through Bond Hilton Jewellers. Featuring a superb collection of regulator wall clocks, table clocks, skeleton clocks and the amazing astrological clock range.

Established during 1922 in Germany by Franz Hermle, Hermle clocks produce an exquisite quality clock collection with their own high quality movements that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

January 28, 2008

Broadway Sterling Silver Candlesticks Available Now

We now stock the full range of Broadway sterling silver candlesticks and matching candle snuffers.

From period designs to clean modern styles, Broadway produce a superb collection of the finest hallmarked candlesticks that make a wonderful addition to fine dining everywhere. With matching designs available in a variety of heights they are eminently suitable for creating a stunning, eyecatching, centerpiece for your table.

A lovely range that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Broadway Photo Frames Now Available

Available now are the stunning collection of Broadway Photo Frames in hallmarked sterling silver in sizes ranging from 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ inches up to a full size 10″ x 8″.

Unusually, in addition to the standard rectangular frames, Broadway manufacture a wide range of round and oval frames, in either plain contemporary or traditional period embossed styles.

A timeless classic collection at competitive pricing.

January 15, 2008

David Peterson Clocks

We are proud to announce that we are now authorised stockists of David Peterson clocks, including their lovely ranges of 24 carat gold plated carriage clocks in both 8 day and quartz movements.

With collections including the traditional Boite, Anglaise, Anglaise Corninthian, Doucine and Obis designs throughout the range there is a wonderful carriage clock to suit every taste. Connoisseur clocks that will be the heirlooms of the future.

Finished to the highest quality, and with the 8 day movement featuring an 11 jewelled shock resistant platform - all 24 carat gold plated for a truly luxurious lustre.

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