August 23, 2007

Expanding our Cutlery collection to include Luxury Tableware

We have a new look to our Cutlery UK website in keeping with our ever expanding range of tableware.

Complimenting our collection of beautiful cutlery we have expanded our range of the finest quality, luxury tableware in sterling silver and 24% hand cut crystal, with a range of feature hallmark coasters and bottle coasters, decanters, claret jugs and accessory table items.

We’re working on expanding the collection further, and will shortly be announcing additional ranges from some of Englands finest master cutlers and silversmiths.

August 16, 2007

Photo Frames UK Website Launch

We are proud to announce that our new Photo Frames dedciated website for superior quality sterling silver photo frames and silver plated photo frames is now open.

With a small range of our top selling designs available immediately, we have a wonderful selection of the finest Carrs Silver photo frames in both hallmarked sterling and silver plate designs, including modern and contemporary to classic and traditional styles.

There are a range of sizes to suit all photos from tiny 2″ x 2.5″ through to the popular 7″ x 5″ and 10″ x 8″ frames - many designs are available across a selection of sizes enabling you to mix and match sizes within a design to keep uniform dispaly of your treasured memories.

Hughly popular for wedding presents and seasonal gifts, sterling silver and silver plate frames make a wonderful present - as many of our friends and relatives know!

August 14, 2007

Cutlery Place Settings Guide

There are three main styles of place settings used today; the English Place Setting, American Place Setting and Eurpoean style place setting, as follows:

The Standard English Place Setting
Consisting of 7 pieces, as follows: Table Knife, Table Fork, Soup Spoon, Dessert Knife, Dessert Fork, Seddert Spoon and a Tea Spoon.

The Extended English Place Setting
Consisting of 10 pieces, as per the Standard English Setting with the addition of a Coffee Spoon, Fish Blade and Fish Fork.

The American Place Setting
Consisting of 5 pieces, as follows: Table Knife, Table Fork, Dessert Spoon, Salad Fork and large 6″ American Style Tea Spoon.

The European Place Setting
Consisting of 6 pieces, as follows: Table Knife, Table Fork, Table Spoon, Dessert Knife, Dessert Fork and Tea Spoon.

Cutlery Sets
English Standard and Extended Place Settings are normally used to determin the number of pieces in a set of cutlery:

44 (6 Places), 60 (8 Places) and 88 (12 Places) piece sets carry the Standard English Place Setting, with additional Table Spoons sufficient for the set.

62 (6 Places), 84 (8 Places) and 124 (12 Places) piece sets are made up with multiples of the Extended English Place Setting with additional Fish Forks, Fish Blades and Coffee Spoons; again with extra Table Spoons suitable for the number of settings.

Full Range of Carrs Silver Single Cutlery and Accessory Pieces Now Available

We now have the complete collection of the wonderful Carrs Silver of Sheffield single cutlery pieces and accessory items available through our Cutlery website.

The range includes individual matching cutlery for all the major designs; Bead, Old English, Rattail, Grecian, Kings, English Reed and Ribbon, English Thread and Dubarry, pieces available include:

Table Knife
Dessert Knife
Table Fork
Dessert Fork
Dessert Spoon
Soup Spoon
Tea Spoon
Coffee Spoon
Fish Fork
Fish Blade
Table Spoon
Pastry Fork
Tea Knife
Butter Spreader
Butter Knife
Cheese Knife
Cake or Pie Server
Steak Knife
6″ American Style Tea Spoon
Carving Fork
Carving Steel
Carving Knife
Bread Knife
Soup Ladle
Sauce Ladle
Fruit Serving Spoon
Cranberry Spoon in an Embossed Finish - Not available in Stainless Steel
Salad Serving Claw
Salad Serving Spoon
Large Serving Spoon
Large Serving Fork
Childs Spoon
Childs Fork
Childs Knife

All individual items, unless marked are available in Stainless Steel, Silver Plate and Sterling Silver.

August 10, 2007

Carrs Silver of Sheffield Sterling Silver Coasters Now Available

We have just launced the full range of exquisite sterling silver coasters from Carrs Silver on our Cutlery website, the collection includes solid silver drinks coasters, a ships decanter tray and a wide variety of bottle coasters to suit every taste.

The silver drinks coasters are available separately or in sets of six with a wood and silver holder. Bottle coasters come in a variety of finishes from straight, barrel, concave, engraved and pierced designs to suit every dining table, from modern to traditional and everything in between.

All in all, a superb range that adds a wonderful finishing touch to your dining service.

August 7, 2007

Carrs Sterling Silver, Mahogany and Oak Tantalus Now Available

We now have a range of Carrs Silver of Sheffield Tantalus available online through our Cutlery website.

The collection features triple, double and single tantalus in either a mahogany finish or solid oak. All tantalus are designed with a locking hinged front flap to allow access to the decanters, and may include hallmarked sterling silver brackets - which look stunning.

Decanters available include henley, plain and linear hand cut 24% lead crystal spirit decanters with either plain or cut crystal stoppers and Carrs hallmarked silver mounted collars.

Reminiscent of times gone by; Tantalus were used by the gentry to stop servants stealing the spirits contained within, inded the name originates from an Old English word meaning “something desirable but just out of reach”.

August 6, 2007

Carrs Silver of Sheffield Decanters Now Available

We now have the full range of Carrs Silver of Sheffield high quality hand cut 24% lead crystal and hallmarked sterling silver decanters available through our Cutlery website.

Carrs decanters are truly fantastic, with a wonderful finish and superb detailing. There are four main cuts available including a plain cut, the classical henley cut, swirl cut, and the more exotic sylvan cut with its beautiful, delicate flowers and leaves design to the stunning Manhattan cut.

Three styles dominate the collection and include wine, ships and spirit decanters all available in standard and miniature sizes with either hallmarked sterling silver stoppers or mounted collars.

August 1, 2007

Carrs Silver of Sheffield Claret Jugs Now Available

We are please to have the following claret jugs in hand cut 24% lead crystal and hallmarked sterling silver by Carrs Silver of Sheffield now available from our Cutlery UK website.

The full range of claret jugs from Carrs comprise the strikingly beautiful Henley cut JUG309/A-SS and elegant plain JUG306/A-SS and JUG106/A-SS designs.

A wonderful addition to fine dining.

Carrs Sterling Silver Ring Boxes Now Available

We are delighted to inform you that the full range of Carrs Silver of Sheffield sterling silver ring boxes are now available through our Jewellery Boxes website.

The collection includes some stunning designs, from the simple and elegant plain polished boxes - including our personal favourite the heart shaped ring box. Some larger double ring boxes suitable for two rings in the traditional embossed style are also available.

All boxes are suitable for engraving a special message to your loved one, with the SCT003-SS and PN139-SS models being suitable for engraving initials or a short name in a plain centre area.

These stunning ring boxes in sterling silver make a perfect addition to a gift or present for any lady, or if you are preparing for a wedding or engagement why not treat your loved one to a beautifully engraved ring box to mark your special day and celebrate your love together.

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